Residential real estate sales and property marketing services

Property investments, houses and homes remains to be Homstates' focal point of service, with three separate divisions geared to provide a complete coverage of all client's needs.

Property Sales services the high demand for clients seeking to buy or sell estate-a core operational function of the Group. Backed by a vetted team of experienced property specialists, Homestates offers market-proven strategies to enhance the value of your purchase or sale.


Developed in-house, Homestates offers exceptional property exposure strategies which have been proven to yield effective marketing results.


Backed by decisive analysis on resdential property apprasisal and thorough market insight, clients can expect a definitive and premium result for their property sales needs.


Our relationships fostered with clients from our principals is one dedicated to achieving finanacial success, suported by genuine rapport and comprehension of each individual need and reuirement.

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Off-the-Plan peoperties refer to the purchase of a property prior to its construction. This method of approach is favourable for early adopters as purchases may experience favourable growth in the property market in the form of capital gains.

Established Properties

The cornerstone of all real estate services, established properties refers to the purchasing of a pre-existing home. Selecting established properties gives buyers the chance to inspect the fixtures, fittings and also the physical site alongside those currently on the market.

Commercial & Business

Homestates curates a wide selection of businesses to accommodate for our high-end clientele's requirements for commercial real estate, namely:

  • Leisure (Hotels, restaurants)
  • Rental (Shopping malls, rental stores)
  • Land (Future developments, islands, farms)

Buyers Agents Services

Can't find anything you like that's already existing on the market? Our role as Buyers Agents place us at the forefront of the property selection market, enabling us to source the perfect property for you, today.